OUR ALADDIN PROJECT takes a two-pronged approach:An Aladdin's lamp with sparkly smoke emerging from its spout.

  1. It enables young soloists, whose special talent is already acknowledged but who have not had the good fortune to secure the media attention that comes with winning a first prize or award, to perform concertos with EUCO. They’re great players and EUCO will help to raise their profile and develop their careers.
  2. It helps venues which are committed to orchestral music but cannot take the initial necessary steps to develop audiences and thus cover costs.

YOU can help these very worthy objectives with https://www.giveasyoulive.com/join/euco without paying a penny.

EUCO running costs are kept to an absolute minimum and it earns nearly all its income from fund raising and the concerts it gives. That’s not always easy and often means that we can’t always afford to help others or those little extras that really make life worth living. If you’ve enjoyed our concerts or recordings and you want to give us that much needed support, you can do so through our registered charitable trust. Without even making a donation you can help us by registering and logging on to your favourite websites via https://www.giveasyoulive.com/join/euco. When you make a purchase, the retailer donates a percentage and you pay nothing extra. You can also make a direct donation through our website.

EUCO Trust Ltd. Registered Charity No: 297643. Trustees: Gareth Keene (Chairman), John Crowley, Dame Janet Rittermann, Simon Routh.